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Berco Castelfranco TermicaYou can see the preview of the 2015 Cigaimpianti's calendar.

CIGAPARK : opening of the new outdoor space during the FIFA World Cup 2014. Behind the buildings was originally a space "green" where we set the area " relax ... " : This is a garden with a small wooden house ( remainder of the earthquake ), and a roof that can accommodate more than 150 people to sit for wonderful meals with our friends . The occasion was the World Cup because we have a SCREEN 384 " ( based on 8 , 5 meters x 4.78 meters high ) where you can enjoy the games in an absolutely great way, probably one of the most ' ' interesting ' screen in the area. DON’T MISS IT. The area will be available to employees who wish to celebrate the birthday of their son in a fully equipped kitchen that will be made available to them.


Festa di fine Estate ok


After the earthquake, we took the healthy habit of celebrating the end of summer with our technicians ( CIGAIMPIANTI and ENTERPRISE ) , family and friends . In the first edition (2012) there was still the earth shook from time to time ... but we wanted to defeat this unseen enemy . For us it is a time when we sharet with the largest number of technical possible a good meal because at any time we do, we always have people away around the world or on vacation : in the first week of September we will have a pretty good participation , even with workers who live in the area of Maranello.



 8.30 pm DINNER
Menu ' on basis of our own macaroni with meat sauce, sausage and dumplings with Lambrusco and donut ... to dip , as tradition.

 10.00 pm AWARDS
Technicians CIGAIMPIANTI and ENTERPRISE who have distinguished themselves in these summer months (as per the circular of June last year ) will be awarded.

 10.30 pm MUSIC & SURPRISE
For those who will want to remain in company to listen to music or to be the protagonist ... (Karaoke ) .



Call in Finale Emilia (0535 93 212) / RESERVE and say exactly whether you are alone or accompanied 

( this will allow us to know how many we are and how many sausages to order ... )


We wait you !!!